Cardiovascular diseases increase the risk if you have Auto-Immune disorders.   |   Balloons can be the new alternative to STENTS.   |   India now leads in World Medical Tourism.

About Sunshine

Sunshine Healthcare service was started in the United States of America in 2004 by Dr. Francis Clement and Ms. Biju Francis RN. Since then, it has been operating in 11 cities globally.

Sunshine Homecare consists of 607 professionals, 120 paraprofessionals, licensed and trained nurses, caretakers and experts who are committed to making your recovery and rehabilitation at home effective, accessible and affordable.

We offer post-surgery care, 24-hour doctor on call, home healthcare, nursing, autism care, lab testing facility, at-home physio, dental services and Medical Tourism and more. We have been setting global standards through our approach to providing personalised home healthcare. Our dream is to involve all stakeholders in building and regulating a strong home healthcare system in India.

Our Specialities

Sunshine Healthcare has researched that there is more requirement globally for specialized surgical expertise in Cardiology and Neurology. The global requirement for such operative care is immense, and India is the best destination. Cardiology and Neurology are both prominent fields of surgery and medical care in which India as a country has years and decades of doctoral and research work optimized.


Heart transplant, Lung transplant, Liver transplant, Kidney transplant, Pancreas transplant, Multi Organ transplant

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Heart transplant, Lung transplant, Liver transplant, Kidney transplant, Pancreas transplant, Multi Organ transplant

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We are partnered with world-class hospitals with the best services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Apollo Hospitals FAQ's

You can schedule an appointment online at to schedule a medical appointment or Online Consultation at and learn more about the hospitals. Alternatively, you can fill in the form at our Ask Us section.

It is essential to provide thorough information about your health records, medical history, current medication, and so forth. If you are referred to Apollo Hospitals by a doctor in your residing country, it is recommended to bring along the contact details of the doctor to your scheduled appointment.

Yes, you can. You can contact our Apollo International Patients Centre or any of our locations directly, providing detailed information about the history of your health and treatment sought. We will help you coordinate and set up an appointment with an appropriate specialist.

plan, approximating the length of your stay, costs, and necessary pre and post-treatment care packages.

Plan Your Trip

Once you decide on the surgery and destination hospital ,you may now click on the hospitals provided and go to "plan your trip" and follow the directions given

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